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Pre Payment

Some people prefer to plan and pay for their own funeral in advance, simply because this can spare loved ones the additional heartache and worry at what is already a very difficult time. 

At R J Burgess we understand this decision and we understand the sensitivity surrounding it, so we’ve put together a comprehensive pre-payment plan that takes care of all the arrangements, personal choices and financial issues that go with planning a funeral in advance. Not only that, our plan guarantees that the total cost of the funeral will be calculated and charged at today’s prices.

Finally, real peace of mind comes from the fact that all the plans are convened by an independent Custodian Trustee, ensuring that all our client’s monies are securely held in a controlled trust fund administered by Funeral Planning Services and secured
by Funeral Planning Trust.

By taking out one of our funeral plans you will:

•  Protect your loved ones from any additional stress and uncertainty at a particularly difficult time, 
by specifying the funeral arrangements you’d like. 

•  Lessen the financial burden on the people you leave behind by meeting the various costs of the funeral before it takes place.

•  Avoid the possibility of rising funeral costs by agreeing the cost of your funeral at today’s prices.

•  Ensure that your funeral goes exactly how you want it to by choosing and finalising the different elements and details yourself.

•  Allow scope for your family to add special personal touches to the arrangements at the actual 
time of the funeral.